Gas Safety Checks Mobile Catering

gas safety checks mobile cateringSince 1998 Commercial Kitchen appliances have been governed by the legislation of GSIUR (Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations). In recent years and particularly this season the focus has shifted to also include all types of gas installations, including mobile and portable catering facilities. It is a legal requirement to have all mobile catering vehicles and trailers that have gas equipment installed to have Gas Safety Checks Mobile Catering carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer at least once every twelve months.

As a mobile caterer you should be aware that it is illegal to remove or replace any piece of gas equipment – the only exception being if the equipment itself is fitted with a snap style connector hose. It is also illegal to service a piece of equipment, whether pipe work or actual installation unless you are a registered engineer too. The only certified way to be sure is to have proper Gas Safety Checks Mobile Catering carried out by a professional.

The difference with mobile catering, is that technically you are creating a fresh installation every time you setup at a new location. The worst case scenario is that your equipment, and therefore your ability to trade, would be shut down by local authorities, event or festival organisers for a breach of health and safety regulations.

There has been a recent rewrite of UKLPG (Trade Association for the LPG industry) Code of Practice 24. Gas Safe, Environmental Health and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are all aware the of the recent developments and it is strongly advisable you are up to date with the regulations too.

At Okehampton Plumber we carry out various checks to ensure you meet all the requirements and can continue to trade. We specialise in Gas Safety Checks Mobile Catering and provide a thorough service – even staying on-site for the duration of the event should you so wish. We are able to carry out on-site tests and can also issue Gas Safety Certificates on the spot.

Our services include:

• A visual check of all equipment
• We verify the condition of gas equipment and hoses
• Highlight any potential flame failures
• Check that all valves are accessible
• Ensure no other hazards are nearby

At the larger events and festivals that run for more than one day it is advisable that we remain on-site for the duration. We offer a full Gas Safety Checks for Festival Catering service which might be the best option for you. This way we can react to any issues that arise. We can carry out any repairs immediately if needed and for piece of mind, we can liaise with the event/festival organisers to make sure you are able to trade safely.

Mobile catering can cover all types of events from portable units setup in local markets and fetes, through to music festivals, mobile homes and portable catering trailers and vans. Okehampton Plumbers can provide the required expertise to make sure you meet all the current safety guidelines and can issue LPG Gas Safety Certificates once we are happy with the condition of your equipment and general safety of your operation.

If you would like more information about the new regulations that are governing the use of mobile catering equipment or our Gas Safety Checks for Mobile Catering services then get in touch and we’d be happy to help. Send us an email for a free quote or contact Phil on 07870 305880 or 01837 658907.