Gas Work Safety Checks Caravans

gas work safety checks caravansIf you are a caravan owner then you may, or may not know about the regulations regarding gas appliances within them. Gas Work Safety Checks Caravans are imperative for safety.

All modern caravans are built to high standards and the majority are often fitted with domestic gas appliances. All of these appliances must be inline with current gas safety requirements, and the manufacturers guidelines. This obviously is a preventative issue and helps protect the safety of the people in the caravans.

At Okehampton Plumber we specialise in gas work and safety checks in caravans. Currently annual checks are not a legal requirement throughout the UK. Increasingly though, it is becoming a contract requirement of many of the caravan park operators – and the majority of them are now enforcing that, so you will not be able to secure your pitch without an annual check.

In order to carry out one of these annual checks, we would come to the caravan site and assess the condition of the pipework, the appliances and make sure everything is functioning correctly. Once complete we then provide written proof that we have serviced the equipment and you can have peace of mind that everything is safe for use for the next 12 months.

A typical gas work safety checks caravans would include the following:

• A check of all pipework for their general condition and for leaks
• A check of all hoses for their general condition and for leaks
• A Ventilation check, making sure all inlets are clean and clear
• A Flue check, ensuring all emitting smoke is going where it should be
• All safety devices and cutouts are checked to ensure they are performing correctly
• All appliances are checked that they are functioning correctly

Take a look at the Health and Safety Executive website for a full breakdown of legal requirements for caravans.

Particularly if you are a landlord and you are sub-letting your caravan you will need to take care extra care. Landlords are bound by the standard law for gas safety. It is your responsibility to make sure that you carry out a gas work safety checks caravans every 12 months and provide the tenants with a copy of the approved documentation within 28 days of the testing – and more importantly, before they actually move in.

If you are looking to hire a local Okehampton Plumber to carry out some gas work and safety checks in caravans then send us an email for a free quote. If your problem is of a more urgent nature then you can contact Phil on 07870 305880 or 01837 658907.

Our tradesmen not only have expertise as Gas Engineer Devon but also in carpentry, electrics, plastering and general building helps us to provide work to a very high standard.