LPG Safety Checks Installations

LPG Safety Checks InstallationsLPG has many uses and applications – some of the most common being used for mobile catering units and others for more permanent installations. Well maintained they pose no risk, but left without checks they could potentially become very dangerous. We offer thorough LPG Safety Checks Installations.

When risks are correctly identified and managed LPG will pose no problems and can serve a wide range of uses. It is recommended that owners of LPG equipment have scheduled LPG safety checks installations to know exactly where the route of all pipework goes. Risk assessments can be very useful in ascertaining this and certainly helps to put your mind at ease.

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure everything is up to speed with your LPG tanks and any legal requirements. Safety is paramount to Okehampton Plumber and we are constantly up to date with any new legislations and new technologies within the industry.

It is a good idea to have any existing metal pipework replaced with the modern polyethylene plastic pipes. They are much more likely to last for a longer amount of time, with no rusting or degradation.

For more information you can visit the Health and Safety Executive website. This covers some of the smaller commercial and industrials uses of LPG tanks.

In addition the main Calor website has a very good breakdown of suggestions to keep your tanks in best condition.

If your requirements are for more permanent installations then we also cover Boiler services Okehampton. We take pride in being able to deal with a wide range of gas services from temporary to permanent installs.

We also a full range of services related to residential home gas safety checks whether you are tenant or landlord, we can provide fantastic local gas services direct to you.

Here at Okehampton Plumber we are proud to offer comprehensive services for LPG safety checks installations. If you are looking for someone to service your installations then send us an email for a free quote. Or if you have a more urgent request, contact Phil directly on 07870 305880 or 01837 658907.