Residential Home Gas Safety Checks

Residential Home Gas Safety ChecksWhen it comes to residential homes and care homes, the onus is on the landlord or owner of the property to ensure that all the necessary checks are carried out regularly. In fact residential home gas safety checks should be every 12 months, minimum.

If you are a landlord then you should be aware already that it is a legal requirement of UK law to make sure that this is done. It should be carried out on all appliances and pipework throughout the property. If you need to read up about any current responsibilities as a landlord then the Government website has lots of useful information. If you are based in a shared property or care home then it will be down to somebody else to maintain these risks, but if you are in any doubt you can reference the Age Uk website for a list of things to look out for.

One of the many things Okehampton Plumber pride ourselves on, is the quality and detail of our work. It is our job to inspect the entire property and primarily ensure that the physical condition of all gas based appliances is ok – this also includes all pipework, air vents and flues.

A full test will ensure that the following are all safe;

• pipework
• gas components
• no leaks or corrosion
• flue’s are doing their job correctly

One of the key things we check for is Carbon Monoxide (CO). It is a very poisonous gas and virtually undetectable. It has no taste, or smell and is not visible to the naked eye – but can still kill without any signals or warnings. Our scheduled residential home gas safety checks give you peace of mind that you are safe.

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