Static Caravan Gas Work Safety Checks

Static Caravan Gas Work Safety ChecksIf you are the owner, tenant or landlord of a static caravan then there is a very high chance that you will have some gas appliances installed. Testing and maintenance of these devices is something that you should be aware of. Static Caravan Gas Work Safety Checks are essential maintenance.

Here at Okehampton Plumber are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to you in regard to static caravan gas work safety checks. We are fully Gas Safe registered and ready to service your boilers, water heaters, cookers and any other gas based appliances within your static caravans.

We get a lot of enquiries asking about these regulations for static caravans and the legal requirements. It is currently not mandatory within UK law to carry out regular static caravan gas works safety checks – although it is very highly recommended. Also, you will find that many, if not all, the caravan park owners will state an annual check as part of the contract to leave you caravan somewhere. Sometimes they will only offer their own engineers to carry out the checks, but if not then we can offer this service for a very reasonable price.

Some of the typical checks we would carry out include:

A typical gas work and safety checks in caravans would include the following:

• A check of all pipework, and hoses for their general condition and any gas leaks
• A Ventilation check, making sure nothing is inadequate for the appliances fitted
• A Flue check, making sure everything is ok
• All safety devices and cutouts are functioning correctly
• All appliances are correctly installed and no danger to anyone

Take a look at the Health and Safety Executive website for a full breakdown of legal requirements for static caravans.

We also a full range of services related to residential home gas safety checks whether you are tenant or landlord, we can provide fantastic local gas services direct to you.

If you are looking to hire someone local then Okehampton Plumber can help with static caravan gas work and safety checks then send us an email for a free quote. If your problem is of a more urgent nature then you can contact Phil on 07870 305880 or 01837 658907.